Gracie & The Valley's


Origin: Nashville, TN

Genre: Indie Pop

Label: Not signed


Short Bio:

Grace Bates was born in Northern New Jersey and raised in Nashville, TN. She formed Gracie & The Valley in August of 2017 and they have since created a signature sound that can be described as hip-swinging and heartfelt. Their songs are as eclectic as the local thrift stores while still dancing in a cohesive sweet spot, leaving no song sounding the same but all songs belonging together. The lyrics vulnerably and relentlessly delve into the fatigue of 9 to 5's, the turmoils of the heart, and self discovery. Pairing their unique twist on indie folk-pop music with Grace's lyrical depth and powerhouse voice, their music will move your heart as well as your feet.


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Gracie & The Valley // Chrysanthemum

The upcoming album from Nashville based indie pop group Gracie & The Valley is a flowing series of intuitive discoveries.

Gracie & The Valley - Chrysanthemum - Soundblab - Soundblab

Nashville and romance - that used to be a combination that was sure to produce a pile of kitschy country music. That trend hasn't changed much, but then Nashville itself wasn't immune to change. Gracie & The Valley, or essentially Grace Bates and her...

Song of the Day: Doorbell Dixie by Gracie and the Valley

Artist: Gracie and the Valley Song: Doorbell Dixie Released: November 2, 2018 "Doorbell Dixie" is the first single to be released off of Gracie & The Valley's new album Chrysanthemum, out every...

Gracie & The Valley - Doorbell Dixie - We love that

Grace Bates wurde dieser Sound in quasi in die Wiege gelegt, denn sie wuchs in Nashville auf. Ich war noch niemals in Nashville, aber ich verbinde den Sound, den ‚Doorbell Dixie' versprüht mit dieser Stadt. Mit ihrer Band GRACIE & THE VALLEY macht sie einprägsamen Country/ Folk, der ins Blut und in die Beine geht.

Gracie & the Valley release new singles in November ahead of LP | The Deli Magazine

Gracie & The Valley have a sound like Sara Bareilles; light but cinematic, carefree while holding back a constant dread that threatens to bleed through the sheet music. Their latest single "Serotonin" speaks of chasing dreams and getting lost in the process; their upcoming tracks, which come from their soon-to-come LP Chrysanthemum, dabble in subjects just as heartwrenching.

Gracie & the Valley // Serotonin

Following their early 2018 EP, Eye Spy , Gracie & the Valley are back with a new single titled "Serotonin."